Tikal Day Tour – Belmopan

Tikal Mayan Ruins Day Tours

Tikal is an Arcological Mayan site located in Guatemala, it’s a 2hrs drive from the western border of Belize and Guatemala. It’s an amazing Maya city that is considered as the central city of the world of the Mayas.

The tours of Tikal site takes approximately 4 to 5 hours, consisting of hiking through the sub-tropical rainforest which is bursting with sounds of wild life such as spider monkeys, Howler monkeys and other mammals. Bird also adorn the site with their beautiful calls. You are guided through the ancient city, and get to climb the Temples, enjoy the view of the amazing plaza and stelas’ that once recorded their history.

Man on tour at Tikal belize

After the tour of Tikal, you get to enjoy a delicious Guatemalan lunch, once you are finished with lunch we make our way back to the border of Belize