Belize Jungle Treks


We have local bush guides that take you deep into the rainforest, we teach you about the plants and their medicinal uses that have been passed down by local bush man our ancestors. Many of the natural Remedies that are being used by the locals today, you can only witness by being out there.

You hike up an over grown trails, that reminds you, that you are one with nature. The rainforest become alive with the sounds of the howler monkeys as they protect their territory, as you trek deeper into the jungle you see beautiful birds and native animals, that can be seen as they scramble away. The sounds of birds also adorned the rainforest as you trek through these mystical places the ancient Mayas once called home.

Things to bring:
Camera, Bug Spray

Long Pants, T-shirt, Well threaded sneaker or hiking boots – flip flaps no allowed.