Belize Cave Tubing

Belize True Adventures offers cave tubing at multiple area, you can go Cave Tubing at the popular Cave Branch or at the St. Herman’s national park, either is just minutes away from Belmopan City.

Belize Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing at Cave Branch “Nohoch Che’en”  (Better know as Jaguar Paw).

Cave tubing at Cave Branch consist of a short  walk in the Rainforest for about 30 minutes, until you arrive at the cave entrance. The Rainforest walk to the cave offer a great chance to experience and learn about the natural environment.

Once at the cave entrance your guide will do a short introduction of the cave and what to expect while cave tubing. During your journey down stream in the cave system you will see awesome Karst windows and spectacular natural formations that will take you breath away. Tubing through the Cave Branch cave system, you will float your way back in time when the ancient Mayas use these caves for ceremonial activities.

upon exiting the cave you will be river tubing at this point, for about 15 minutes back to where you first start the Rainforest walk.

Cave Tubing at St. Herman’s Caves

Cave Tubing at St. Herman’s Caves consist of a 10 minutes walk from the park to the cave entrance. As you make you way to the caves you will bear witness to pristine rainforest as it was from the time of the Mayas, and many different tropical birds.

At the entrance your are given and introduction about the cave and what to expect while cave tubing. As you descend in the cave you will be overwhelmed with the beauty and it’s geological features that are found within the cave system. While inside the cave you will be walking for about 10 minutes upstream before starting the 2 hour tube float in the cave. Tubing trough the cave reveals the hidden beauty that is found inside these mystical places, which was once sacred to the Ancient Mayas.

At the end of the cave tubing you will walk back up stream, where once again you get a chance to see the cave and its spectacular formations from a closer stand point, this continues all the way to the cave entrance.

Things to bring:
Camera, Bug Spray

Shorts, T-shirt, Sandals or well threaded sneaker or hiking boots – flip flaps no allowed.

Please feel free to contact Belize True Adventure for more info on Cave tubing.

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