Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo Day Tour

Belize Zoo Day Tour

The Belize zoo is a “Must” for you to see if you are interested in Belize’s Wildlife.

The Zoo was first started in 1983 when a documentary was being filmed in Belize. Once the documentary was over, the animals needed a care taker, since they were already dependent on human kindness. Miss Sharon Matola, the Zoo director, saw the need and decided to take care of them. All animals that are at the zoo are native to Belize. The animals that you will see, were either injured or someones pet, and that is how they ended up at the zoo.

At the Zoo, you will most definitely get to see our 5 big cat species found in Belize. The Jaguar being the third largest cat in the world, Puma, Ocelot, Margay and Jaguarondi. You will also get to see one of the largest birds found in Belize such as the Jabiru Stork. They are many beautiful birds such as the toucan, our national bird, along with many other species of Birds. Plenty of other mammals can only be seen at the Belize Zoo. You are definitely welcomed by the well taken cared animals that are living in their natural habitat as much possible.

The Belize Zoo is like no other zoo in the World, a perfect place to see our native animals that are otherwise impossible to see in the rainforest.

Things to bring:
Camera, Bug Spray, Sun Screen

Shorts, T-shirt, Sandals or well threaded sneaker or hiking boots – flip flaps no allowed.