Belize Cave Tour

Belize CavesBelize True Adventures Team takes you cave spelunking in a dry cave once use by the Mayas for ceremonial purposes. Mayan Priests believed that the caves were an  ENTRANCE TO THE UNDERWORLD…  The Kingdom of their God… XIBALBA. This cave system is also location at St. Herman National Park

This adventure starts off with a challenging 45 minute hike through the jungle. You will walk the actual steps that Mayan Shaman walked as they entered Xibalba. As we explore spectacular and awe filled crystal chambers that hold 2,000 year old Maya ceremonial centers, feel the presence of the ancient Gods. Fire pits, charcoal and ash, pottery, bowls, relics, alters, wall carvings, glyph writings and actual skeletons of sacrificial victims are found in various ceremonial caves.

Please feel free to contact Belize True Adventure for more info on Cave Spelunking.

Actunc Tunichil Munkal