Shuttle Transfers

Belize City or International Airport Shuttle

If you are going to be arriving in Belize with a small, medium or large sized group. Belize True Adventures is ready for you.

Make the Ride an Adventure

The Belize Zoo is another great stop. The stop can be included in your tour and is perhaps one of the best zoos in the world. It’s a collection of injured animals that have been nursed back to health, but can’t survive in the wild. All the “cages” are just enclosures of the animals natural habitat and sometimes (as with the illusive cat) it takes a while to find the animal. If you have ever wanted to pet a jaguar, you’ll also want to stop here.

The zoo are stops on the way for minor extra charge. Why just shuttle through Belize, when you can turn your trip from airport to hotel or hotel to airport into a little adventure unto itself. The drivers for Belize True  Adventures, shuttle you through an awesome time in Belize.