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Belize is a small and eclectic country that is bordered by Mexico to the north, south and west by Guatemala, and east by the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Ethnically diverse and culturally rich; Belize has many things to offer visitors from its varied ecology to its historical pre-Columbian Maya temple cities.

Belize has an uncommon species of howler monkey that is known as one of the top ten loudest animals in the world. The locals in Belize have created some unique names for its natural wonders including Owl eye butterfly, the Swallow Tail Cattle Heart Butterfly, and the Red Footed Booby Bird, and the False Vampire Bat. Belize is the only Central American country with English as its official language. Belize has the only known jaguar preserve in the world and it is located in the cockscomb Wildlife sanctuary in southern Belize. Archaeologists estimate that at their peak, 1 to 2 million Mayans lived within the borders of present day Belize. Mighty Maya cities such as Caracol, Xunantunich and Lamanai dotted the landscape, with small agricultural communities farming the land between.

About Belmopan City


Place to Stay in and around Belmopan

Belmopan City is the capital city of Belize. It is located in the middle of the Cayo district; about a hour’s drive from the old capital of Belize City. Being an inland city, its temperatures are quite high during the day but much cooler at night.
Belmopan is the center of government activity. In its center are the National Assembly (or Parliament) Building and the majority of central government offices. Today Belmopan is one of the safest cities in Belize. It has evolved into a thriving city with four banks, embassies and consulates, several supermarkets, good night life, well-laid out streets and avenues and paved roads. Belmopan is a one hour drive from Belize City, heading west on a well paved highway. San Ignacio and Santa Elena are forty minutes further west. The population of Belmopan is rapidly expanding as Belizeans and immigrants have flocked to the area and built several suburbs such as Salvapan, San Martin and Las Flores. Maya Mopan is an interesting new suburb formed in 2004 by a spontaneous migration of Mopan Maya and Ketchi Maya immigrants from the south and west of Belize.

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