Armenia Village Belize

Your adventure in Belize start with the helpful and professional guides and drivers at True Adventure in Armenia Village, Mile 46 Hummingbird Highway. This peaceful village is located 8 miles south of Belmopan and 4 miles north of St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park.

Armenia Village got its name from a place is El Salvador where the settler of the originally came from. Both Armenia Village and Belmopan City set on the foot hills of the Maya Mountain, where you can find many river and cave. The locals are very friendly and speak mostly Spanish; the main mode of transportation are the public buses which pass almost everyone.

Both men and woman depend on the Caves and river nearby to make a living, guide wonderful people such as you in Belize pristine rain-forest. Must of the guide situated at the St. Herman’s National Park are from this tiny village working to support their families and community.

The Hummingbird Highway and attraction

The Hummingbird highway passes through the village of Armenia and connects it to the rest of village found along it. Pomona, Alta Vista, Hope Creek, Steadfast Village are all peaceful located on the hummingbird highway.

This is highway link the Southern and Western highway in Belize, making tours and attraction in the Cayo district accessible to those staying along the cost in Hopkins and Dangriga Town.

Many Tours and attractions can be found along the highway some in protected area. The three major ones are:

  1. The Billy Barquedier National Park located between 16.5–19 miles on the Hummingbird Highway in Stann Creek District.
  2. Country Barn is a favored spot Stop in, it’s a roadside dairy near St Margaret's village for homemade ice-cream, flavored milk and fresh yogurt.
  3. Herman's Blue Hole National Park - This Park is the best Attraction on the Highway, with a great swimming area created by natural spring, the water here is cold all year long. Many also come to explore the many dry cave found in the area. Local school often take their students for a field day. You’re Guide a Belize True Adventure carry tour to the dry caves as well as cave tubing in the same area.

Getting transfer from San Ignacio town or from the Belize International Airport to Placencia or Hopkins along the coast will take you on the hummingbird highway through the Maya Mountain. Book a transfer with this incredible tour company to any of these accommodation found along the highway or any other accommodation you may have book your stay at.

Accommodations along the Hummingbird highway

Cocao Rainforest Lodge

Cocao Rainforest Lodge offers a relaxed off-grid environment in the middle of Belize's pristine rainforest. Their 3600 square foot lodge is nestled in the rainforest off of the scenic Hummingbird Highway near the famous Caves Branch River, Blue Hole, and Saint Herman's Cave in Belize Central America 10 miles south of the capital city Belmopan. They offer a well maintained beautifully art crafted rustic rooms and our facility has an outdoor deck, hammocks, heated showers, tours and an adventurous style you hope to find in most inclusive style settings. Along with Mayan chocolate processing, A chocolate shop, restaurant, and offer tours from our location to many area's in Belize.

Jaguar Creek

The Maya Mountain rainforest is a world apart from the rest of Belize and it is a place filled with vivid colors, fascinating wildlife and a peacefulness that is unlike anywhere else on earth. Whichever type of Cabana you stay in you will experience the peace and vibrant life that can only be found at Jaguar Creek.

Kantara Ku 

Kantara sits on over 60 acres of lush tropical jungle, nestled among the majestic Mayan mountains along the scenic Hummingbird Highway near mile 34. Blessed with the medley of jungle, rain-forest and mountains, the property is perfectly situated to enjoy all of that, with some of the most well-preserved and accessible rain-forests in the world.

Belize the perfect Tour and Vacation Destination in Central America

Belize is a small and eclectic country that is bordered by Mexico to the north, south and west by Guatemala, and east by the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Ethnically diverse and culturally rich; Belize has many things to offer visitors from its varied ecology to its historical pre-Columbian Maya temple cities.

Belize has an uncommon species of howler monkey that is known as one of the top ten loudest animals in the world. The locals in Belize have created some unique names for its natural wonders including Owl eye butterfly, the Swallow Tail Cattle Heart Butterfly, and the Red Footed Booby Bird, and the False Vampire Bat. Belize is the only Central American country with English as its official language. Belize has the only known jaguar preserve in the world and it is located in the cockscomb Wildlife sanctuary in southern Belize. Archaeologists estimate that at their peak, 1 to 2 million Mayans lived within the borders of present day Belize. Mighty Maya cities such as Caracol, Xunantunich and Lamanai dotted the landscape, with small agricultural communities farming the land between.

The Hummingbird Highway is located in two of Belize's beautiful District of Cayo and Stann Creek. The Hummingbird Highway starts at Belmopan City, Cayo District and ends at Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District. The Hummingbird is connects the George Price Highway (Formerly Western Highway) to the Southern Highway. The Hummingbird is 53.7 Miles long and runs through several villages. The cross over from the Cayo District to the Stann Creek District is right after St. Margaret's Village. The Hummingbird is home home to many farmers as majority of the properties are planted out in citrus. Majority of the Hummingbird is in reserve which adds to the value of the area as the green scenery is one that will not fade.

The different village along the Hummingbird Highway includes Armenia, Springfield, St. Margaret's Village, Middlesex, Pomona, just to name a few. The Hummingbird Highway has some of the most beautiful views of valleys and the Maya Mountains. The hummingbird is home to the famous Sleeping Giant Resort where the views from the mountain top are amazing.

Some of the main attractions along the Hummingbird include Cave's Branch, The Little Blue Hole, 5 Blue Lakes, Sibun River, Mullins River, and the Citrus Production Plant.


About Belmopan City

Place to Stay in and around Belmopan

Belmopan City is the capital city of Belize. It is located in the middle of the Cayo district; about a hour’s drive from the old capital of Belize City. Being an inland city, its temperatures are quite high during the day but much cooler at night.
Belmopan is the center of government activity. In its center are the National Assembly (or Parliament) Building and the majority of central government offices. Today Belmopan is one of the safest cities in Belize. It has evolved into a thriving city with four banks, embassies and consulates, several supermarkets, good night life, well-laid out streets and avenues and paved roads. Belmopan is a one hour drive from Belize City, heading west on a well paved highway. San Ignacio and Santa Elena are forty minutes further west. The population of Belmopan is rapidly expanding as Belizeans and immigrants have flocked to the area and built several suburbs such as Salvapan, San Martin and Las Flores. Maya Mopan is an interesting new suburb formed in 2004 by a spontaneous migration of Mopan Maya and Ketchi Maya immigrants from the south and west of Belize.

Dangriga Town

Driving east of the Humming bird Highway you will be trough the valley communities in the Maya Mountains. At begging of the highway you will find dangriga town.

Dangriga Town is a Garifuna dominated Town with other ethnicity such as Maya, Mestizo and Creole.

The crime rate in Dangriga and the entire Stann Creek District is very low, with must area being closely knit good old common sense can get you by just fine.

Our Guide at True Adventure offer tours for people staying in Dangria Town and the Valley Communities.


We Carry out tours in all six Districts